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Every good day should end with a great meal

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Lunch and dinner have never been easier

Where else can you get homemade lunch and dinner - some real flavorful family favorites like meatloaf, potatoes au gratin, and Southern style green beans - all prepared, packaged, and ready to go? Meals *Made* Easy is feeding you, Northern Kentucky, and Campbell County.


Whether you are feeding a few or satisfying many, we offer homestyle meals that are ready to go from our kitchen to your dining table. Contact us for more details and special orders.

Call your order in early

Can it be any easier? You call Meals *Made* Easy by Tailored Catering, place your order for complete, homemade meals, and then you pick it up when it's ready. Just about the only thing we don't do is eat it for you. Dinner is served!

It can't be any easier

•  Individual or family meals

•  Hassle free and homemade

•  Weekly specials at affordable prices

•  Order, pick it up, and go!

For events larger than just dinner

Are you having a special event, perhaps a wedding, special birthday, or anniversary? You need to contact Tailored Catering for full buffet service. Get everything including appetizers, salads, sides, and entrees. Contact us for details.

Monday to Friday

11:00 AM - 6:00 PM



11:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Or by appointment

Hours of Operation:

Come visit Tailored Catering, LLC and Meals *Made* Easy in Alexandria, KY. You'll find us on Alexandria Pike (Rt. 27) and Commercial Circle just north of the Campbell County Middle School.


"Come experience good food fast ... serving fresh, homemade meals to go. Meals *Made* Easy will feature weekly specials and standard menu options. Customers can stop in, select an entrée, side item, soup or salad for a reasonable price ... the customer’s choice for convenience, taste and value."


- Cincinnati.com

For home-cooked meals

call us at: 859-448-0497